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My name is Kuba and I established Kuba Models.  I became passionate about scale models when studying Architecture and making architectural models for other students. At a certain point of my career I realised that making models for students was not sufficient and satisfactory enough anymore.  I decided to broaden my experience and therefore I went to London, where I started working for a recognised model making company Richard Threadgill Associates. 

Having mastered my craft by working there for over 4 years, I settled back in Poland and opened my own workshop.  By now I have gained over 10 years of extensive skill and technical experience in professional model making.


At the moment the company is cooperating with clients from Poland, Austria, Great Britain,Germany and Norway.  Our valuable experience, flexibility; ability to take on even the most challenging tasks let us win and build up trust between us and our clients from Poland and Europe.

Our offer aims at architects, developers, investors, green architects, designers and all those who wish to promote their ideas by presenting architectural models to their clients or at exhibitions.  Model is able to communicate an architect’s vision more effectively than any other form of presentation. It shows the architectural concept in full and comprehensively, helps to accept the concept and to convince others to it. 

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Clients’ References:

Laser cutting, cnc cutting, 3d print, photoetching

- in Kuba Models Workshop


At Kuba Models we build professional models in every desired scale and at every level of difficulty for competitive prices and to the highest standards. We make both conceptual and detailed models of all kinds and repair or update the existing ones. 


Being up to date with the newest technology and using laser cutters, vacuum forming machine, photo-etching technique and colour matching system allows us to fulfil clients’ requirements. We use only high quality materials and adhesives which last many years.  Model lighting systems and presentation cases can also be provided.  Our clients are consulted on regular basis and are kept up to date on a progress throughout the whole model making process.


In the model making process we ideally need fairly precise information to refer to, such as a full set of drawings, but we also are able to build your models based on sketches and drafts or pictures of the existing buildings. 


We take full responsibility for delivering intact models to your offices.

We are looking forward to your cooperation.






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